Yearning for love

broken heart.....oozing blood...

hurting me,killing me,with all its might.

but once i was a sweet rhythm,flowing through the meadows,

along the streams and beside the rivers.

i met a lotus,a rosy white lotus,

calling me to touch its petals

but,it closed its petals while i flew towards it.

i was hurt,but never heart broken

i continued my journey,till i met another lotus,

a blue lotus.............

it never called me,but i went to its side

it was beautiful,but it had a hidden sorrow.

i touched its petals,it opened its eyes

we became friends,no,more than friends

something which words cant express......

but soon,i realized,he cant be mine

my dreams are only mere dreams

but,i cant leave him,for he means much more to me

all i can do is weep by his side

now,my heart is broken,shattered in to thousand pieces.


Writhing,struggling,bursting to come alive
are thoughts trapped inside me

LIke a firefly caught in a spider web
they move about,
Praying for an escape to the outer world

They were my only friends,from birth till now
Shared my life through thick and thin

Endless nights I spent,brooding over them
Shed tears,overcome by the lava of grief......
Thoughts about the ways I have gone through
and still to go.............

Thoughts about the offered hands
when I was caught in quagmires

Thoughts about the gifted smiles
when I had forgotten how to laugh

And again.................

The magical moments of happiness
in the company of stars and angels

The rainbow hue blown to my side
when I was in utter dismay

The unknown love sent to me
by a secret admirer

And again...................

The blooming flowers,the splashing steam
the setting sun and the spreading darkness

All these thoughts hover inside me
pleading to be free from this dark cell.

But i cant let u go my friends,
for.........hiding behind you.........are secrets
the darkest secrets..............not to be disclosed........
preying on every bit of my soul.........

You are fated to end in my grave
after this tiring journey of life

If ever there is a place called heaven(or hell?????)
I will let you free
when the chains that seal my lips
will break loose........forever

MAY BE.............

a voice sweet as yours
echoes throughout my mind
a enchanting as urs
flames up my spirit
a gentle as yours
warms up my heart

you gave me a garland of roses
in the shades of a rainbow
tied with the threads of ur love
you lighted a candle of hope
inside my weeping heart
you applied vermillion on my parted hair
that kindled sparks of joy in me

you came in to my dreams
and me to thine
soul met soul,and shared our thoughts
but,you are there,a hundred miles away
we are not destined to meet
may be...................
in heaven ,we will meet
two angels fated to be one
only after death...............

Tear drops drenched the dreams of my previous sleep
I was woken by a sudden rush of grief
Someone was weeping,weeping in her mind
Again I slipped to sleep to witness a new dream
Faraway from my land,I saw a girl,a beautiful girl
Tender,sweet,loving and caring
Tears sparkled in her otherwise charming eyes
Was she smiling? Oh yes….a false smile
A grieving smile pasted on her lips
But…….that delicate smile… vanished…
Banning me from viewing its beauty
Oh, how romantic she seems now, like a snowy petal
I touched her cheeks, I felt her mind
She was a lonely child full of worries and tensions
Thirsting for love and caring
I chanted in to her ears, a secret, the secret of love
“Oh my dear, be happy, look at the world around u
The dancing trees, chirping birds, singing streams
The fragrant wind that sways at ur sides
The innocent kids that smiles at ur face
The pitter patter of falling raindrops and
The shimmering rainbow waving at u
Look around the world and feel its love
Think about the treasures that god gifted u
Think about the nature that tries to make u smile
Open ur eyes to a new world,full of happiness and cheer
U r not alone,feel the angelic hands that embrace u
Driving u in to a happy world”
My words made her happy,a smile appeared on her lips
Not a temporary one, a lasting tempting one
It was the last scene of my dream,a nice sweet dream.


Be in peace dear,don’t play with life
Just close ur eyes and pray in ease
Think of a flower and feel its fragrance
Caress the velvety petals and give it a kiss
For .one day,the flower will become a lady
Sweet and tender ,loving and kind
She will come beside u,with a mystic smile
And give u a kiss,with her soft lips.
She will be with u today,tomorrow and forever
She will be ur soulmate,ur lifepartner ,
A flower princess for my beloved angel

Once in a day dream, I received a message
A message from an anonymous lover
A message marked with passion, a message tinged with love,
A message drawn from sincerest feelings.
It was a love letter, a letter full of love.
It contained nothing but “a thousand good wishes for me”
It was not just words, but heart-felt expression of ‘someone’s’ love.
Overwhelmed with joy, tears rolled down my cheeks
I felt salty in my mouth, but it tasted good
Salt sprinkled with love…………….
I was wide awake, laughing merrily
Weeping loudly, all at the same time.
I was happy, happier than ever, happiest in the world
‘cause I was not alone, I have someone,an angel who loves me with all his heart


If I were given a chance to live again,
I would wake early in the morning just to smell the calm air,
To see the early rays kiss the buds to make them smile,
To feel the fragrant wind that wafts through my entire being.
I would walk through the still-wet grass and
Smile to everyone that I meet.
I would listen to the chirping of the birds
To feel the ecstasy that fills my heart.
I would sit at the se-shore only to
Shout at the waves and watch them die.
I would make a sand palace and think about
The prince and princess “that lived happily ever after”
I would play in the rain and get wet myself,
Singing madly to an unknown listener
I would leave all my worries and
Proclaim “life is beautiful”……………….!
But my life-journey is ending
I am a dying patient……………….
My earthly life was sweet, like a sweet dream.
Oh God! let me post you a request
Extend my life span to one more day, sothat
I can tell my kith and kin……………
………“This life is worth living”……….