Yearning for love

broken heart.....oozing blood...

hurting me,killing me,with all its might.

but once i was a sweet rhythm,flowing through the meadows,

along the streams and beside the rivers.

i met a lotus,a rosy white lotus,

calling me to touch its petals

but,it closed its petals while i flew towards it.

i was hurt,but never heart broken

i continued my journey,till i met another lotus,

a blue lotus.............

it never called me,but i went to its side

it was beautiful,but it had a hidden sorrow.

i touched its petals,it opened its eyes

we became friends,no,more than friends

something which words cant express......

but soon,i realized,he cant be mine

my dreams are only mere dreams

but,i cant leave him,for he means much more to me

all i can do is weep by his side

now,my heart is broken,shattered in to thousand pieces.

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klienslate says:

Parayathey kokkil..
Viralintey thumbil thudichu ninnu!

SK says:

"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all."

klienslate says:

its been a year...when i first read this poem..and since then the truth always pops up in mind...yes I still yearn for her love...!!

Prasanth.G.Thampi says:

You are an rare flower,that smell's to make happy fellow people around you..........A gentle word is never lost...It cheers the heart when sorrow-tossed, And lulls the cares that bruise it."