Tear drops drenched the dreams of my previous sleep
I was woken by a sudden rush of grief
Someone was weeping,weeping in her mind
Again I slipped to sleep to witness a new dream
Faraway from my land,I saw a girl,a beautiful girl
Tender,sweet,loving and caring
Tears sparkled in her otherwise charming eyes
Was she smiling? Oh yes….a false smile
A grieving smile pasted on her lips
But…….that delicate smile…..it vanished…
Banning me from viewing its beauty
Oh, how romantic she seems now, like a snowy petal
I touched her cheeks, I felt her mind
She was a lonely child full of worries and tensions
Thirsting for love and caring
I chanted in to her ears, a secret, the secret of love
“Oh my dear, be happy, look at the world around u
The dancing trees, chirping birds, singing streams
The fragrant wind that sways at ur sides
The innocent kids that smiles at ur face
The pitter patter of falling raindrops and
The shimmering rainbow waving at u
Look around the world and feel its love
Think about the treasures that god gifted u
Think about the nature that tries to make u smile
Open ur eyes to a new world,full of happiness and cheer
U r not alone,feel the angelic hands that embrace u
Driving u in to a happy world”
My words made her happy,a smile appeared on her lips
Not a temporary one, a lasting tempting one
It was the last scene of my dream,a nice sweet dream.