It’s a bright morning………fresh and fragrant

As the cheery sunshine uncovers the dark sheets of night

A new day blooms……….spreading smiles all over

The dewdrop wakes up the rose buds from their sweet nap

The snow white rose tends to open her petals

And feel the life around her

As I gaze intently on her “soft tresses”

My thoughts turn towards you, my angel

This flower reflects your enigmatic smile

This flower portrays your true innocence

I long to tell you a thousand things

But… your voice graze my ear

My tongue seems tied

If only my heart was a mirror

You could see them written with my blood

As I wait endlessly for your return

Hearing your voice refreshes me as a summer shower

So, never ever think that I don’t expect to hear you

For it will make me weep.

Remember… vowed that “you will never let me weep”

When you say “I love you, I need you”

Again and again

Fear creeps in to my mind………….

Now you adore me as an angel

But ………when this fantasy gives way to reality

If ……I’m not fit for you…..will you leave me dear?

I shudder at that thought

It shakes my entire being

I can’t afford to lose you my dear

Oh God! Is this a dream?

Am I day-dreaming as usual?

Is this angel real?

Does he really love me?

I dart questions at myself…………………………..

If it’s not my fancy

If he actually exists……

I have only one prayer

A prayer from my deep heart

My Lord! Let his love be everlasting

Let he be mine…………..forever

The shower has gained strength

I woke up from my reverie

My snow white rose now

Smiles like an elegant princess

A little butterfly touched her petals

Making her blush

Let me sketch a message on her wings for you

Let her fly “crossing all oceans”

And come to you

Let her softly kiss your cheeks

And make you happy

Let her quench your thirst for love

And soothe your heart with new dreams

Sweet dreams yet to come……

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Unknown says:


Unknown says:

ninte poem okke kollam.pakshe.......athe eppol parayan pattilla.namukku nerittu parayam.
ninte swantham,

Abhilash.M.G.Poovathur says:

Hi.... Kollam tto

Unknown says:

shall I make your dream come ture? tell me.

Prasanth.G.Thampi says:

Oh,lord please consider this poem as a prayer,and a gift to some one who decided to be and blessed to be as your man,one who are eligible to accept as soul mate of your angel,he is blessed with her divine soul attachment and her entire love....please grant this prayer my lord(God).....Ameeen.