The air was still;no movement at all
Silence unfolded her dark blanket allover
Even the sky seems to be sleeping
With all its lanterns off…
It’s a dry night,like my mind
Yearning for a drop of rain,
Or a drop of tear???
My eyes fell on a speck of gold-
A firefly caught in a spider’s web
Struggling for its dear life,it shuddered
As eight fiery eyes enjoyed the pain
In a fit of rage I wiped out the web
{To the entire dissatisfaction of mr.spider}
Just to help the teeny-weeny insect…
The web broke…
Proud to be a saviour,I looked around
To get a glance of the fire-fly
Bidding a thousand prayers to her guardian angel
But I was disappointed,it was not there
The night was same as ever,thickening darkness prevailed
Under a dry leaf I could see a sparkle
As I looked closely at my feet
Wings being torn away,it stretched,shriveled and shivered
And slowly slid silently in to the blackness
The bare night devoured it with great relish
Leaving me behind,with eyes brimmed with tears…