Never had I believed in angels
Until I met u my lord!!

Never had I thought of the pangs of love
Until u made me feel it

Never had I heard my heart’s murmur
Until I had u in my life..

Love’s blind:that’s an old quote..

But….love’s light…love’s bright…
…love’s sight…for me

The magnificence of sunlight…
The warmth of sun-rays…
The fragrance of spring-blossoms..
The damp smell of wet earth
Never have they meant so much to me
till you invaded my spirit and soul…

I placed at your feet
The saga of my tear-soaked past
A single wave of hand
You wiped it out……..
No room they had in my mind
A mere shadow....grooping in darkness and despair
That was me…..four seasons back

As the chilling winter paved way for the flowery spring
Heaven blessed me with you my angel..
The lantern of hope,the light of love,the spirit of joy..
You painted my fancies with the colours of rainbow
You taught me the language of silence
You showed me the serenity of solitude
You gave a meaning to my life…

Keep this in mind my lord..
You are now a part of my soul
There’s no “you” and “me”
There’s only “us”
Be like this,never ever let you change…
Be mine,forever,’cause you are a dream come true..