It’s a wet night

Drenched and damp

The part of the day that I love most

The night time….

The time of dreams……the time of fantasies

The cool breeze

the sweet smelling blooms

The fragrance of wet earth

The distant song of a nightingale

All stirs in me a new dream

Yes!I’ve a dream

To have a baby

A sweet fairy girl

She will have the purity of this night

The serenity of this rain

.........The aura of my angel……

She will glow like a star

She will smile like the moon

She will be a real beauty-a replica of my angel…..

The day of her birth

It will be the sweetest day of our life

The fulfillment of an all-time cherished dream

I’ll sing to her soothing lullabies

That rises from my deep heart

I’ll sing to her the story of “an angel and rhythm”

I’ll sing to her our dreams,our hopes,our whims….

I’ll be her mother,her friend,her sister

I’ll love her with all my heart…..

But…..I know…..she’ll like her father more

As girls always do

As I love my daddy……

When she utter her first word

Both of us will cry-I’m sure

The tears of joy,the tears of pride….

When she walks without support

With her dainty legs

firmly planted on the ground,

hand in hand,we will stare ,without blinking.

When I scold her,she’ll run to her father

And,with her tear-stricken face and trembling lips

Will jump to his lap

And hide her face in his shoulders.

As dreams have no limit

My thoughts wander and wander

With out any stop……..

But I can still hear a lullaby

A lullaby full of passion

And the tinkling sound of an innocent smile………..