Once in a day dream, I received a message
A message from an anonymous lover
A message marked with passion, a message tinged with love,
A message drawn from sincerest feelings.
It was a love letter, a letter full of love.
It contained nothing but “a thousand good wishes for me”
It was not just words, but heart-felt expression of ‘someone’s’ love.
Overwhelmed with joy, tears rolled down my cheeks
I felt salty in my mouth, but it tasted good
Salt sprinkled with love…………….
I was wide awake, laughing merrily
Weeping loudly, all at the same time.
I was happy, happier than ever, happiest in the world
‘cause I was not alone, I have someone,an angel who loves me with all his heart

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klienslate says:

"Salt sprinkled with love……………"

emm ironical!!

salt-sprinkled! is tat your poetic license???

Prasanth.G.Thampi says:

courage your dreams to see a bold dream,which can makes you happier ever.its "In" in you........The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up with your poet.

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