Once in a day dream, I received a message
A message from an anonymous lover
A message marked with passion, a message tinged with love,
A message drawn from sincerest feelings.
It was a love letter, a letter full of love.
It contained nothing but “a thousand good wishes for me”
It was not just words, but heart-felt expression of ‘someone’s’ love.
Overwhelmed with joy, tears rolled down my cheeks
I felt salty in my mouth, but it tasted good
Salt sprinkled with love…………….
I was wide awake, laughing merrily
Weeping loudly, all at the same time.
I was happy, happier than ever, happiest in the world
‘cause I was not alone, I have someone,an angel who loves me with all his heart


If I were given a chance to live again,
I would wake early in the morning just to smell the calm air,
To see the early rays kiss the buds to make them smile,
To feel the fragrant wind that wafts through my entire being.
I would walk through the still-wet grass and
Smile to everyone that I meet.
I would listen to the chirping of the birds
To feel the ecstasy that fills my heart.
I would sit at the se-shore only to
Shout at the waves and watch them die.
I would make a sand palace and think about
The prince and princess “that lived happily ever after”
I would play in the rain and get wet myself,
Singing madly to an unknown listener
I would leave all my worries and
Proclaim “life is beautiful”……………….!
But my life-journey is ending
I am a dying patient……………….
My earthly life was sweet, like a sweet dream.
Oh God! let me post you a request
Extend my life span to one more day, sothat
I can tell my kith and kin……………
………“This life is worth living”……….